All-New Kia Picanto

Added: 20 July 2017

All- New Kia Picanto available at Shelly Motors Kia

 Available with 1 Years Free Insurance


  • Experience the youthful and energetic design of the All-New Kia Picanto
  • More assertive stance in a compact A-segment package


The new Picanto brings youthful and energetic character to the A-segment, with a new turbo petrol engine and sporty GT-Line trims. A 15 mm-longer wheelbase (2,385 mm to 2,400mm) also pushes the wheels further out into each corner for a more confident appearance. The Picanto’s colour palette is more vibrant than ever, with a range of bold paint colours designed to make the car stand out.

Kia’s new 2017 Picanto boasts a range of updated technology, as well as a more spacious and more practical interior. At the heart of the cabin is a new ‘floating’ touch screen infotainment system, making the latest in-car technology available to occupants.

Buyers of the All-New Picanto will enjoy smarter packaging efficiency than ever before, with more cabin and cargo space than rivals in the segment. In spite of its extended wheelbase, the Picanto retains its characteristically compact dimensions. With a shorter front overhang and longer rear overhang, the all-new model is the same length (3,595 mm) as the car it replaces.

Kia are describing the new Picanto as an “innovative, bold and fun-looking urban city car”, giving Kia’s smallest model a “more assertive stance with bolder body lines”.


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