Mitsubishi Outlander Keiko

Added: 01 June 2017

Mitsubishi Outlander Keiko

The specialedition version of the popular Outlander SUV has been revealed. The MitsubishiOutlander Keiko offers a more refined car with more features.

It is based on the new Outlander 3 and isavailable to order now, priced from £27,999.

Outlander 3 is already a well-equipped car but the newKeiko adds more technology, leather sears and the new feature-laden MitsubishiGlobal Navigation (MGN) unit. 

MGN supportsApple CarPlay and Android Auto, offering connectivity benefits and easy-to-usesmartphone application style interface. 

AndroidAuto also supports voice-controlled operations of Google Maps, Google Playmusic and other applications. 

Otherfeatures included a six and half inch touchscreen LCD display, DAB, TomTomsatellite navigation and CD/DVD player.

The Outlander Keiko will be powered by a2.2-litre diesel engine, which is available with automatic and six-speed manualtransmissions. Manualversions return 53.3 mpg on the combined fuel economy cycle with CO2 emissionsof 139g/km, while automatic versions are capable of 48.7 mpg and produce154g/km.

As with all Mitsubishi Outlanderdiesel variants, the Keiko is backed by a five-year, 62,500-mile warranty. Foran additional £700, customers can purchase the Mitsubishi Service Plan, whichcovers scheduled maintenance for the first three years.