Star Buys

At Shelly Motors right now we have some fantastic deals on discounted Kia and Mitsubishi stock.

These 'Star Deals' are some of the best prices in the country and showcase our commitment to delivering

you as much car for your money as possible.


SPORTAGE                1.6 GDI 2 2WD                          £23000  OTR              STAR BUY £21,991

SPORTAGE                1.6 EDITION 25                         £25,655 OTR              STAR BUY £24,784

PICANTO                    1.0 1                                          £10,235 OTR              STAR BUY £9685

PICANTO                    1.0 TGDI GT LINE                     £13,835 OTR              STAR BUY £12,956

CEED                          SW1.4 PM  FIRST EDITION     £28,050 OTR               STAR BUY £26,550

VENGA                       1.6 3 AUTO                                £18,995 OTR               STAR BUY £17,705

SOUL                          1.6 2 DCT                                  £20,985 OTR               STAR BUY £19,350

STONIC                      1.0 3 PM                                    £19,145 OTR               STAR BUYS £18,250


(Mitsubishi Star Buys stock coming soon)

(These deals vary in how they can be used with existing offers like the scrappage scheme, hybrid variants are subject to change in price due to upheaval in the Government hybrid discount scheme. for details on what existing deals qualify for use in conjunction with these models just call 020 3130 6713)

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