• Discover EV with Kia events run from 1 May until 30 June
  • Appointments at Kia dealerships across the nation
  • Free expert advice provided on making the transition to and living with an electric car
  • Online booking
  • Kia UK is on a quest to educate everyone about electric vehicles with the launch of nationwide ‘Discover EV with Kia’ events.

The events enable anyone to get a personalised appointment with an electric vehicle (EV) expert at any one of the nationwide Kia dealerships. The expert will go through the journey of transitioning to and living with an electric car, what to expect from driving one, understanding range, charge times and much more.

Online bookings can be made via the dedicated webpage with customers able to book a slot between 1 May until 30 June at their local Kia dealership:

Discover Kia EV with dealership events nationwide
Discover Kia EV with dealership events nationwide EV6

Sanka De Silva, Marketing Director at Kia UK said: “We want to help inform and engage with people about electric cars and dispel EV myths. As with any car and powertrain, it is crucial to understand them to get the most from them. With some people nervous about EVs, we felt that the right thing to do would be to offer our expert advice so they can find out how easily an EV can fit in people’s lifestyles. From a complete beginner to the EV world to someone looking to buy their first EV, if you have questions about going electric, the Discover EV events offer the perfect opportunity to get answers.”

Myth busting

Kia has produced a new online digital brochure comprehensively covering all electric vehicle topics including EV battery life, charging time, and charging in public. The brochure can be seen here:

Sanka De Silva continued: “Education is vital for customers to successfully transition to electric, and as a leader in electrification, we want to give something back to communities and help people understand EVs. There is no sales pitch here, it is simply our way of starting a conversation, and sharing information and knowledge.”

Discover Kia EV with dealership events nationwide
Discover Kia EV with dealership events nationwide

Comprehensive EV range

Kia’s range of fully electric cars includes the EV9, EV6, Niro EV and Soul EV. The six- or seven-seat EV9 was named the ‘2024 World Car of the Year’ and the ‘2024 UK Car of the Year’, along with numerous other awards from both the UK and internationally praising its bold design, effortless practicality and impressive range and performance. The EV6 has similarly won countless awards and continues to win great acclaim for its sleek design, range, and rapid charging ability. The Niro EV is consistently one of the UK’s best-selling EVs, while the Soul EV is Kia’s smallest EV. The next fully electric car to join the Kia line-up is the EV3.

Starting with the EV6 in 2021, Kia’s global ‘Plan S’ business strategy is to launch 15 EVs globally by 2027, nine in the UK.