• The EV9 features Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) that enables appliances to be powered via the vehicle’s charging port
  • Special Kia campaign sees a five-metre LED disc mounted on a frame to closely mimic sunlight, powered by the EV9

A unique installation from Kia, set up with the experiential design studio VOID and the creative agency Innocean, has brought sunlight to one of the darkest areas of Norway, a country where the sun barely comes up in winter, with a five-metre LED disc - powered by a Kia EV9.

This ‘temporary sun’ demonstrates the impressive power capabilities of the EV9’s Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology and emphasises the importance of sunlight, as a lack of light can negatively impact a person’s energy levels, mental health, immune system, and sleep pattern.

Kia EV9 Powers a light in Norway outdoor
Kia EV9 Powers a light in Norway outdoor

​“The EV9 is exciting when moving, but also when stationary with innovative features such as bidirectional charging,” said David Hilbert, Head of Marketing, Kia Europe. “This technology can extend the role electric vehicles play in our lives, whether it’s for camping, providing a power source for a mobile office, or even being part of the broader electricity grid with the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology.”    

The light installation was set up in Rampton, a campground on a fjord 35 kilometres southwest of Oslo. The picturesque beach, with a small island across from it, made an ideal location for mimicking a sunrise along the shoreline. Once fully illuminated, the temporary sun could be seen from several kilometres away. The EV9 was able to drive from Oslo to Rampton, power the light for 24 hours, and then return to Oslo without ‘range anxiety’. A documentary about the light installation can be watched here.

“By blending cutting-edge technology with artistic expression, we've created an art installation that captures not only the essence of Kia's brand but also responds to real life challenges. With this project we continue to push the limits of creativity and innovation with Kia, always with the aim of inspiring others,” said Gabriel Mattar, COO, Innocean. 

Kia EV9 Powers a light in Norway outdoor
Kia EV9 Powers a light in Norway

The EV9 as a mobile power station

Kia Smart Charge is taking electric vehicle power usage into the sustainable era, through bidirectional charging. This enables energy to flow both ways, into and out of the vehicle. V2L, first introduced with the Kia EV6 and available standard with the EV9, allows customers to power 110V/220V appliances using their EV9 battery, which can hold 99.8kWh of energy, by plugging the cable into the vehicle’s charging port.

The same technology enables V2H (Vehicle-to-Home), V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid), and V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle). In the United States, Wallbox, a global leader in electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions, is working with Kia America to bring bidirectional charging to Kia’s EV9 customers. In Europe, Kia is commissioning a V2G pilot in Netherlands with a supplier called Jedlix".

Already a multiple-award winner, the EV9 combines SUV strength, cutting-edge electric vehicle styling and advanced technologies, placing it at the forefront of the SUV category. Built on the Electric Global Modular Platform, the EV9 ensures athletic performance and an all-electric range of up to 349 miles on a single charge. Its ultra-fast 800-volt charging capability allows for up to 155 miles of range to be replenished in just 15 minutes.

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